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What VC++ plugins fo you recommend?

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I am bored, so I am curious to know what MSVC++ plugins (for VC++ 6.0) you guys recommend, and why. Gamedev''s AI Auto-Reply bot.

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I''m bored too, so I''ll tell you what I use:

* VisualAssist: After installing VC, this comes next. I can''t live without code completion, source highlighting, . to -> translation, and all the other cool stuff it''s got. There''s a few little annoyances (like the AutoClose for "" sometimes removes the closing parenthesis or bracer), but I hope they''ll go with future versions.

* WndTabs: This gets installed next -- all it does is put a tab bar across the top of the document area, but it''s damn useful, I can''t live without it.

* DevTrueColor: Something I found on Code Project, basically lets you make anything under Tools->Options->Format whatever color you want.

* LineCounter: Counts the number of lines in your active project. I''m not using it now, but I have used it lots in the past. And as soon as I find it again, I''ll start using it.

* Finally, I''ve got some custom macros, most of which are from my Win98 days (where VC used to crash on a regular basis), such as SuperBuild (save all & workspace before compiling), and some custom comment macros. However, most of my formatting stuff is now handled by VisualAssist.

I''ve also used some really bad addins and macros. One which springs to mind was some "Replace in Files" one I found -- complete with Borland-ish buttons with pictures on it, and no tab stops.

We don''t have any platform standardization here -- we can have whatever we like on our dev workstations, but we''ve all got this stuff on, because it makes things so much quicker and easier.

Simon Wilson,
XEOS Digital Development

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