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    • By Brandon Marx
      Hello forum,
      I have some decent amount of experience in Unity making games for Software Engineering projects in college, these were very specific projects however and I still am fairly new to building games. I wanted to make a game that uses the shadows of objects for collision detecting (i.e. shooting a gun at a characters shadow causes that character damage. What is the best engine to do this in (game will be 3D), and does anyone have any advice on how to approach this concept? I consider myself fairly experienced in programming, but game dev is just an entirely different beast.
    • By juicyz
      Hey all,
      I've been slowly working on my game called AotW for a while now.  I have come to the conclusions that it would be nice to cooperate with 1 or 2 others to help finish it.  Ive been trying to keep my GDD up to date with my ideas and development so that would give a better overview of the game when the time comes.  Currently I have a basic skeleton of the RPG elements needed but everything can still be discussed and talked about and we can transform my idea to something the group likes.
      The premise of the game is a Diablo-like procedurally generated map with RPG elements that include sockets, inventory, classes, abilities, crafting, loot, items, sockets, and enchanting.  This will be done in a 2D iso view as I can't do 3D art and I enjoy 2D games a lot.
      I don't plan on releasing this as this is more of a hobby project for me and I have a full-time job.  Though I'd like to start putting more hours into development and having others definitely will be motivation.  I also want to be able to say I have finally "finished" a game idea to some degree.  If the time comes and we want to release it, then we can go ahead and do so but that's not my purpose or plan. 
    • By Arnold // Golden Donkey Productions
      Hi, I've been working on this issue for a while and haven't yet found an answer.
      Does anyone know the best way to convert unity's LAT & LONG into a vector 3 position that I could use in a virtual world (if it's even possible). 
      Thankyou in advance
    • By wobbegong_
      I am taking an absolute beginner's game development course and we have just finished game jams in small groups. Our current assignment is to get feedback from people working in any aspect of game development. I would very much appreciate any feedback! The game is up on itchi.io (sound warning) https://wobbegong.itch.io/zombie-shooter It's essentially a very basic PvE.
      I also have some things I'm wondering about, but you don't necessarily have to answer these. 
      1. Do you have any tips on working with physics? My group wrestled a bit with Rigidbody physics not totally working the way we wanted to -- jumping ended up kind of floaty and inclines seem to mess up movement. Alternatively... how can I build terrains with depth that won't result in wonky physics?
      2. How can I keep up the level of challenge in an interesting way as the player progresses through the waves?
      3. What are some of your personal guidelines for creating title screens?
      Thank you very much in advance!
    • By ethancodes
      I'm having a weird issue with detecting a collision. I've tried everything I could find online but nothing seems to work. I have a brick object. It has a 2D Collider attached and I have also attached a 2D Rigidbody on it. I also have an EndScreen 2D Collider. The EndScreen 2D collider is tagged with "EndScreen". I am trying to detect when a brick collides with the end screen collider and simply print "game over" in the console. 
      This is my current code for this part of the program, it is attached to the bricks:
      void OnCollisionEnter (Collision2D collision) { if (collision.gameObject.tag == "EndScreen") { Debug.Log("Game over"); } } Several things have happened depending on the set up. If I have the rigidbody 2D set as static, my ball object can still collide with the bricks, but I get no Log message. If I set it to Kinematic or Dynamic, I get absolutely no interaction between the ball and the bricks, and nothing when the bricks pass through the collider. I have tried to set the collider to a trigger and use OnTriggerEnter2D, no change. I have tried to put the rigidbody on the EndScreen object and tried to set it's body type to all 3 settings, no change. The only thing I can think of that I have not done is put the script on the EndScreen object and switch the tag to the bricks. The reason I have not done this is because I will have several types of bricks, some of which will have different tags. 
      Please tell me somebody can see what I'm doing wrong here, because I'm losing my mind over something I feel should be ridiculously simple. Thanks.
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Unity Problems with Unreal Engine 4 Project / Wheeled Vehicle Derived Blueprint

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I know what some people will be going to be saying... "You should put that into the official epic forums". Given that place seems to be pretty "unresponsive" when it comes to get answers for your problems (to be fair, the same was true for the official Unity forums), and I gues some people here also use UE4, I'll retry here.


I even put a post into epics forum which is gathering dust for 1.5 weeks now. Nobody seems to be even looking at it.


I currently have a problem in my Unreal Engine 4 project. Here is a description of my problem from the original thread I put up in epics forums:



I have created a Blueprint Class derived from WheeledVehicle to setup a vehicle in my own project.

I have followed all the steps in the Officiel UE4 "Overview and Car Setup" Video (
), but I cannot get it to work.

If I follow all the steps, and also create a new GameMode and assign the WheeledVehicle Blueprint as default pawn, my camera starts to go haywire for a second and then the camera is black (most probably the camera is attracted to the vehicle mesh anddisappears in it?... no matter if the cam is on the spring arm, directly attached to the vehicle or static in the level. Even deleting the cam and relying on the default cam leads to this problem.

Now, I haven't used a GameMode before and I am not sure I actually want to use it... so I removed it. And the camera starts to work again. But the mesh of the pawn is no longer visible.
And after further testing, same Problem as when the Pawn is set as defaultPawn in an active GameMode is actually also happening when "Auto Posess Player" is set to "Player 0". I guess the Mesh is visible now, cannot tell as the screen goes black in seconds.

1) Why is the Mesh not visible when nobody is controlling it? Is that normal behaviour of UE4?
2) Why seems my camera goes haywire, even the default one, when somebody is controlling the pawn?




Since then, I have created a Project from the Car Starterproject that is shipped with UE4. I migrated the whole "Sedan" directory to my own project to test it. I tested the Sedan BP in the original project first just to be sure, works fine there.


In my project the whole same things happens as with my own Blueprint. Cam goes Haywire and then the image is black.


I did create a new level, just basic level without any change, and place the Sedan BP there. Controls are not working, but the Cam at least is not going haywire.


Now, this seems to be a problem with my level. What do other Unreal Engine users recommend as my next steps?

1) Debug the level. But how? Is there any kind of Profiler that would help me in the Editor?

2) Strip the scene of objects and scripts until the car bp works fine again. Given I do not have any debug option, that seems to be the best bet I have on finding the culprit without having to recreate the scene.



As much as I love the results that are achievable with Unreal Engine 4, everything in the editor just feels like some kind of uphill struggle compared to Unity. :-/

Edited by Gian-Reto

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Are you using the simple wheeled vehicle or advanced wheeled vehicle template?

I haven't used either myself but I know both are very different...

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Well, I myself just used the "WheeledVehicle" Blueprint Class as explained in the Youtube Video linked. What the Sedan example Blueprint is using IDK.


Of course, what I really WANT to do is setup the physics manually in the editor and then use C++ to drive and correct the physics component, like what I did in Unity. I can not get my head wrapped around the concept of these blueprint shenigans!


Is there a way to just hook up the physics in the editor, without any blueprint involved, and then use C++ to control the physics? Or is there a way to setup the Physics directly from C++?

If there would be tutorials on that, that would be even better! Kinda hard to find a tutorial that explains the C++ side of the engine, everyone seems to do Blueprints no matter what.

Edited by Gian-Reto

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For each template there is a blueprint and a C++ equivalent. If you use the C++ version a minimum of blueprint is used simply as glue to tie together the C++ classes and if you choose blueprint no C++ is used at all. As a C++ and C# guy perhaps the C++ template is more like what you need?

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For each template there is a blueprint and a C++ equivalent. If you use the C++ version a minimum of blueprint is used simply as glue to tie together the C++ classes and if you choose blueprint no C++ is used at all. As a C++ and C# guy perhaps the C++ template is more like what you need?


I didn't knew there was a C++ version of each template. Yes, I think this would make it easier for me to get into. I really should look into that.


I guess I should also read the whole physics setup part of the engine documentation better. It seems this is just radically different to Unity, and I guess I am trying to take shortcuts here where there are none.

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