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Is "Invite friend to this server" possible using Facebook?

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I can't seem to find enough info and Facebook API/SDK seems a huge mess. I'm making a mobile game. What I want to do is add an in-game button "Invite friend to this server". When player clicks it, he would be asked to pick friends from his friends list. After that, they would get a deep-linked(I guess?) invite. After they accept it, if they don't have my game installed, they would be redirected to the app store and if they do have, the game would open up. After the game opens up, check if any invite was made and accepted. If it there was, connect to the specified server from the deep link.

Is it even possible using Facebook API/SDK or am I fantasising? Any tips or useful links?

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Yeah, your flow sounds exactly like something we've done where I work (we didn't use the post metadata to join a server, we used it to track what ratio of players actually followed those links).

I didn't work on it, so I don't remember the details of which calls you need to make, but I remember it works just like that. Sorry! I just know that it should be possible.

I'll do a quick search of what sounds familiar.




(see the ?referral=12345 stuff; I think that's where you can place your server join information)

See the "Handling incoming links" sections of these pages:
https://developers.facebook.com/docs/applinks/android Edited by Nypyren

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