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A Door to the Mists (with dev-blog)

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"The Arcaniary. The Blue Mists. The World Apart. And many other names besides. It's the place magic comes from, the place spell-crafters move in and out of. It's always described as blue mist, and impossible rock formations, and blazing-starred skies.

"What greater call to an adventurer? What an adventure it would be to visit such a place! What would I discover there, and see? For almost as long as I've adventured--maybe longer--I've wanted to explore its depths.

"But only spell-weavers can enter it, and to take up magic requires a sacrifice. When one is young, this could be one's memories, or ties to family, even physical life, or something else besides. But once one has found a path in life, only the sacrifice of that path will do. To go back on the sacrifice would bring death.

My path is adventuring. It always has been; it burned in my blood the day I was born. To learn magic, I would have to give up adventuring, my life--the very reason that I want to enter the other world.

"But in a tavern recently I heard a story, of a lost city and a door that led directly into the Mists. No magic training. No sacrifice. It could be just a story, or its meaning lost over the centuries. Even if it is, chasing it sounds like an adventure in itself.

"And if it's true. If there really is a door..."




Concept art for an early level: Ruins beneath a city, creating opportunities for adventurers willing to brave the danger in search of things long lost.


  • First-person Exploration
  • Ledge-climbing
    • In short, if it's solid, within reach, sufficiently flat, and has sufficient space, you should be able to climb onto it.
  • Puzzle-solving
  • Combat
    • One-on-one melee; inspired by the Quest for Glory series

The game is currently pre-alpha: most of the mechanics are complete, but a few have yet to be implemented, bugs remain, and most--perhaps all--of the game's content has yet to be created.



Concept art for the first, tutorial enemy, with size reference.

I've started a dev-blog at my new site, www.thaumaturge-art.com, with the intention of updating once per week. At time of writing I have one entry posted, describing the current state of the game, the project's history thus far, and what I intend next, all interspersed with concept art.

I will hopefully soon be posting a gameplay video showing a small test-level, as well as a "concept art trailer"--I'm currently held up by what seems to be a bug in YouTube that's preventing me from starting a channel on which to post videos.

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The game has been progressing steadily, and with it the blog.


What brings me back to this thread (which I hope to update more often in future! ^^; ) is what I feel to be a minor milestone: last night I uploaded my first gameplay video!


The level shown doesn't come from the main game--it's a short test-level--and the footage is old, thus excluding much of the progress that I've described in the blog. Nevertheless, the video should, I hope, serve to show the basics of the game's mechanics. I'm hoping to have further videos soon, showing a more up-to-date look at the game.


As to the current state of the game, I've posted some recent screenshots below the video.


Gameplay Video:




[attachment=31769:Screenshot from 2016-05-05 18-20-24.png][attachment=31770:Screenshot from 2016-05-05 18-22-00.png]

[attachment=31771:Screenshot from 2016-05-05 18-22-19.png][attachment=31773:Screenshot from 2016-05-05 18-22-45.png]

[attachment=31772:Screenshot from 2016-05-05 18-23-05.png]
The blog should be available at this link, and today's post here.

Edited by Thaumaturge

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