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Corey Masson

PokeNew MMO ~ Real Time Battles

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Nintendo invested millions of dollars creating Pokemon - millions creating and millions advertising, and so on.

They own the right to control who makes Pokemon games.


Even if your game is free, it costs Nintendo. A poor quality free game damages their brand, and a high quality free game steals their sales.

If you make a Pokemon game, Nintendo will force you to take it down. It's their right to do so, because they created it.


However, if you make your own game, using your own creativity, you can create whatever game you want, and make it free or sell it.

But you can't legally use their creativity, not for free and not for money.


I know... it's hard to be creative. It's easier to just copy other people's good ideas. But your creativity will grow the more you try to use it.


As an entirely different conversation, copyright law needs to be majorly overhauled, but that's not Nintendo's fault.


If you are already aware of all this and are choosing to do it anyway, fine. But if you don't know the laws of the land you live in, well hopefully that leveled up your Knowledge attribute, allowing you to make more informed decisions. Honestly, it's in your best interest to make your own game, rather than make a fake Pokemon game.


[Copyright Nazi used Growl! It's not very effective...]

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