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[Question] Rect and its Depth

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Hey Guys smile.png ,




As you can see in the Screenshot, I've made a Menu, but Im not happy with the tabs at all, they look so plane.

Thaswhy I wanted to get in more depth and experimented with the left rect in grey and some thicker or thinner black lines..

But I cant rly get a depth with it, looks so crappy .. >sad.png


Any Ideas how to get more depth into the tabs ? 

//Here the prototypes for some toughts
void			DrawFilledBox(int x, int y, int w, int h, G::Color color, IDirect3DDevice9* pDevice);
void			DrawLineWA(float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2, float width, bool antialias, G::Color color, IDirect3DDevice9* pDevice);
dBases.base1->DrawFilledBox(100, 100, 500, 500, ccList.Grey, pDevice);
	dBases.base1->DrawLineWA(100 - 1, 100, 100 + 500 + 1, 100, 2, false, ccList.Black, pDevice);//top
	dBases.base1->DrawLineWA(100 - 1, 100, 100 - 1, 100 + 500, 2, false, ccList.Black, pDevice);//left

	dBases.base1->DrawLineWA(100 - 2, 100 + 500, 100 + 500 + 2, 100 + 500, 3, false, ccList.Black, pDevice);//bottom
	dBases.base1->DrawLineWA(100 + 500, 100, 100 + 500, 100 + 500, 3, false, ccList.Black, pDevice);//right

Im kind of clueless right now >.<



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How about using a texture, perhaps with end tiles plus middle tile that will get repeated to enable variable box widths? :)

Like this: T0T1T1T1T1T2 where T0-2 is texture "parts" of fixed size..

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well , thats a point.  xD using the sourcerect on a large one, but then i would need a texture for every tiny thing :o

I try play around with some colors first , since Im a coder, not a person who knows photoshop for making textures  :P

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