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2d game tutorial for c++

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Hello everyone!


I'm trying to find a good 2d game tutorial that is based on C++.


So far I've found Lazy Foo Beginning game Programming 2.0 which is based on SDL and also this site www[dot]3dbuzz[dot]com/training/view/c-plus-plus-complete/spritebased-game .


Does anyone has any info about these two ? 3dbuzz has paid membership and I would not want to make a membership is they are not any good.


I've read some reviews on Lazy Foo which say the his approach is good for SDL but not game programming in general.


Does anyone knows other tutorials that can get you from A to Z ?




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Check out

All the videos are freely available via youtube.

I'd recommend spending the $15 to get access to the source code to be able to delve into the code even more.

In my opinion the best thing that happened for game develepment in a long time!

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The OP asks about C++, rather than C, which is used in the video.

Also, that project is waaay too complex... Plus costs money, when there are many free alternatives out there.


Try this or this, OP.

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Personally, as long as you know the language, any sort of tutorial you find will do. Books are your best resource for learning, they provide un-biased opinions, and any credible author is most like not going to show you bad habits, or if so, will tell you about the bad habits that you can pick up doing certain things.



     If you know a good amount that you can read some API documentation, make some functions of your own out of it, take a shot in the dark, push yourself to write your own code. You will learn much faster this way. The only downside to this is that you can run into bad optimization, (IE making 100 collision checks without any quad trees)or just bad habits in general, but you wouldn't know the better(but thats what websites like this one are here to help for).


   What I really think you are looking for, and I hope, is just to learn a library. There are TONS of libraries out there, but some are more user friendly than others. Most of these have videos galore to help people learn and prosper. Heres a list of what I consider to be the best tutorials for beginner, and intermediates at their chosen language:




If you want to focus on learning game DESIGN, and code at the same time: DON'T. The only thing you need to know about the game your making before you start polishing is the MVP, more in depth here at Gamasutra (great resource btw).



     I don't personally use a lot of tutorials, but I think thats because as beginning developers, we go through stages. We learn, grow, get our first project, and continue to expand, using our own knowledge. If you can do what I said above, and wright your own code off the API documentation for these (just google them, you'll find them) then don't be afraid to ask for help, or look for a tutorial that covers a specific topic here and there, But don't go into your project thinking its gonna be a hot game that's having people ask for early dev builds; I'ts not. The biggest problems with programming tutorials is people listen, but don't comprehend, they don't think about how to apply their knowledge past what they were taught it was used for. 


tl;dr last paragraph: Take tutorials with a grain of salt, take them like a class, and do more than just follow the tutorial. Don't be afraid to ask for help on your code, even if you think everyone is going to laugh at how bad it is.


I hope this helps give you a good resource list, and as always, theres here. 

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