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Sprinter, An Illustrated Action Game. Open Testing. (Win, Mac, Linux)

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Sprinter is my new game, that will be coming to Steam in a few weeks. So I wanted to open it up to the community and see what you all think.
Here is the Trailer: (Make sure sound is on!)
If you like the look of the trailer, and are willing to offer some of your valuable time to play this game and give me feedback then I would be utterly and unendingly grateful.
I’m looking for any game breaking glitches, or any opnions on the difficulty (its designed to be challenging) and mechanics of the game. Basically just play it and tell me what you think! smile.png
The game is recommended to be used with a Gamepad. (Most common gamepads are supported, and keyboard controls are also implemented.)
Here are DRM free links for Windows Mac and Linux.
Once again I cannot thank you enough if you spare your time and help me make this game better!
More Details:
Coming to Steam end of February. Priced @ $5.99
Sprinter is a challenging, top-down action game, with striking minimalist artwork, soaked in a dynamic original soundtrack that builds and interacts with the player as they progress. Dash, Distract, Pickpocket, Disable, + more, all while navigating the levels at top speed. A rewarding game that always encourages one more try.
Key Features
  • Challenging, Addictive Gameplay: Designed for lightning quick retries until you finally nail the perfect run. High difficulty for high reward.
  • Unique Minimalist Aesthetic: Akin to graphite on paper, dive into a unique visual style,  with evolving color palettes that progress with the player.
  • Atmospheric Original Soundtrack: A musical score that weaves into the gameplay seamlessly, interacting with the players' every action, building to a crescendo with each chapter.
  • A Wordless Illustrated Narrative: An intimate family story told completely visually from three perspectives, beautifully drawn, based on real life events. 
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