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So I want to start making games..

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I'm absolutely new to this website and I was amazed that there was actually a forum for game devs. So I made an account and read all the rules and what not and I really need some advice despite all the reading I did..

Firstly I want to warn you that I don't get to my point as early as I should. Also that it's a very long post for a question. So if you're more comfortable skimming through my post than go ahead! All I ask is only post if you're not going to criticize me or scold me for making a post where I give some background information. Anyway, please read on! biggrin.png

It may seem childish but I'm 18 years old and I have been in a dark hole for 3 years in search for a light. That light is a passion to create a career. Something I can wake up in the morning and be excited to do throughout the day. Of course, no job is always fun and can be a huge chore but that's another topic. Anyway, I post to ask for some advice.

See I've never had a passion so I don't have much programming besides taking a course in high school using Visual Basic.Net and drawing is not an option. My drawings are probably worse than a 2 year olds. laugh.png However being as I actually found something I want to do with my life I now just have more questions..

I want to work with VR. It could be by making animations or something through VR but games are more my thing. I eventually want to create a huge game on VR but again, that's another topic and a whole other level of needing a ton of funding. However since I don't have a job and no one of the 15+ jobs I've applied to In my city are getting back to me I won't have any money anytime soon..

With that in mind I thought "Why not start 'small' by making mobile games"? If I absolutely had to choose between which OS I had to choose it would be android though. I'm hopefully soon going to attempt to make a game for mobile devices to start my road to VR and game making in general. So now that I have a 'goal' I need some advice. Or perhaps guidance?

My interests in making games would be:

- Level Design
- AI Programming
- Programming
- Music/Sound Engineer

Knowing some background of myself what do you think would be a better option for me? Also forgetting the fact that you know anything me, can anyone give me information on exactly what those jobs are in charge of doing? Yes, yes I know they're very self explanatory but I would love some more information about them.

Thank you for reading and I sincerely to apologize for such a long post for simple questions. Please don't throw your mice and keyboards at me! laugh.png?

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I've read about 5 of your lessons in the past 20 minutes and I have to say that they're very well thought out. Lesson 7 doesn't really help me make a decision but it did help me see all the types of jobs in the video game industry. Thank you for posting your lessons they're helping me which is very surprising!

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