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Dragging cube

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Hi, i recently managed to  move a 3D shape using the cursor location by unprojecting the object position and adding the x and y offsets to it and then project it back into the 3d world, this seemed to work really well, however i devided to move alow the view to be rotated and the object isnt always under the mouse when i try to move it in a rotated orientation. How do i go about doing this?

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I used XNA project and unproject. both take the view matrix in as a parameter, what is the purpose of passing the view matrix to the two functions?




I finally wrote some project and unproject functions.

On projecting :


-multiply cooridnates by view and projection matrices, then divide the resultant coorinate by the w component

-store the z coordinate


i then convert the mouse movement into projection space and add the offset to the projected coordinates 

with the z cordinate being the one stored initially


On unprojecting:


-get the mouse in the projection space

-multiply by the (view * projection)^-1 , and then divide by the w component.


This works however any movement into along the z axis at an angle does not track the mouse, i assume it is due to the fact that i am mapping the movment of the y-screen to the z-coordinate in 3D. i dont see another way though

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