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Milton W

PySDL2 error loading jpeg

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Hello. I am in the process of learning sdl2 with pysdl. I copied this simple code snippet to load a jpeg and it causes an error:

    window = sdl2.ext.Window("SDL2 Image Test", size=(800, 600))
    renderer = sdl2.ext.Renderer(window, -1, 0)
    image = sdl2.ext.load_image("test_img.jpg", enforce="SDL") # <--- ERROR
    running = True
    while running:
        events = sdl2.ext.get_events()
        for event in events:
            if event.type == sdl2.SDL_QUIT:
                running = False

Here is the error output, which I find very uninformative:

File "sdlimg", line 24, in <module>
File "sdlimg", line 12, in main
image = sdl2.ext.load_image("test_img.jpg")
File "/usr/lib64/python3.5/site-packages/sdl2/ext/image.py", line 71, in load_image
raise SDLError(sdlimage.IMG_GetError())
sdl2.ext.common.SDLError: b'JPEG loading error'

I tried searching the error and got literally no results. I also tried sdl2.sdlimage.IMG_Load() instead but then it simply gives a "wrong type" error. I tested with BMP files and they load fine.

So anyone have any ideas why it fails to load JPG images?


Or if there is another way to achieve hardware-accelerated image rendering in python that integrates well with PyGObject/GTK then I'd like to hear about it.

Thank you!

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Today I got a lot of this errors (not Py, not SDL), where the jpg was really a png or where a file was opened exclusively by another app. Sure about the path? JPEG2000? File extension jpeg jpg jiff ? You know this not programming errors.

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