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Goodridge Creations

The Sacred Hero - 2D story-driven, Open-World Adventure Game

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The Sacred Hero

2D  |  Story-Driven  |  Open-World  |  Adventure  |  Puzzle  |  Action  |  Role Playing

Game Overview

The Sacred Hero is a 2D open-world, story-driven adventure game similar to that of The Legend of Zelda.

The game involves a large world, interesting characters - each with their own personalities and traits, puzzles, side-quests and more.


This is our company's first game and we hope that people will enjoy it.


The Sacred Hero has been in and out of development for around 7 years now, but is finally being announced to the public as the game now has all the resources needed in order to be made.


Recently a decision was made for the characters to have voice acting. Auditions have begun on Casting Call Club here.


Game Story

There once was a Kingdom known as Histiana. Histiana was a beautiful, vast land where everyone could live out their everyday lives in happiness.

Yet, one fateful day… A great black carriage with a seamless purple fog appeared as if from nowhere in the great mountains of Volkan and made haste toward the great castle of the Land.


Upon entering the castle, a man with an appearance that would make the toughest individuals shudder exited the carriage and searched for Princess Earla. Upon finding her, using the dark magic he possessed – he extracted her soul from her body in order to use it for the ritual that will cast the demons from his land into Histiana.


Yet, the young boy known as Leons Quintin – who has sacred blood within him – prevents this man from removing the soul entirely – resulting in Earla’s soul being split into fragments. Each fragment was scattered across the land.


Leons Quintin must find each fragment of the Princess’s soul and bring her back to life before the evil man finds the fragments and uses them in the ritual to bring a lifetime of shadow and suffering to the land of Histiana.


Game Screenshots (alpha)








Game Development

The game has gone through a lot of changes throughout development. Some being related to graphics, some related to story, etc.

A great example of this is that the game used to be 816x624 when it comes to the resolution. Yet the game has recently been changed to 1080x720 resolution. Making the game much more sharper and clearer on widescreen displays.


The game was going to have a Playable Teaser (PT) release February 1st 2016, but this was delayed as the lead developer [Kane J Goodridge] felt that "the game didn't look good and that the game didn't have enough things to do". So it was delayed so that the visuals could be improved. There is still a trailer for this early version on the Goodridge Creations YouTube Channel.



Game Official Page (Facebook)

Game Voice Actor Auditions (CastingCallClub)

Company YouTube Channel (YouTube)



[11/02/2016] - Lighting Engine Finalised

[14/02/2016] - Screen Shading Finalised

[16/02/2016] - GameDev Page Published

[16/02/2016] - Quest Book System Added. Allows the player to keep track of all quests and objectives easily.



Feel free to post suggestions, questions, etc. down below.

Thank You.

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