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Goober King

The EVIL Mouse

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This might be normal or maybe not at all. Few things are on my system. I''m writing a map editor along with a tile engine and its just now getting going. Right now it just fills the map and moves around a bit when the right mouse button is down. while getting it to this point I noticed something that seams strange to me. When the mouse is being moved I was taking a rather large performance hit. Dropping to about 1/3 the speed when the mouse was still. My code was (when I first noticed it) exactly the same regardless if it was in motion or not. I also notice awhile back that the system will hang at time on mouse movement. Turns out it hangs at the moment the standard windows cursor would be reaching an edge of the screen. There really isn''t too much going on yet so there shouldn''t be any major hang ups.

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