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Quake 3: Creating a QVM....arrrggghhh!!

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Hi there. I''m trying to set up the Quake 3 source via the tutorials on Code3Arena(http://www.planetquake.com/code3arena/tutorials/tutorial2.shtml). However when I get to this section... 7. CREATE A QVM A .qvm, or ''quake virtual machine'' is fairly easy to create (assuming your environment was set up correctly). What is a .qvm ? I like to think of it a as a ''safe'' substitute for a .dll. It''s safer than a .dll because a .qvm isn''t able to do nasty things that .dll''s can (wipe your hard drive, for example). Not to say that they are 100% safe (remember when people broke the security on Java applets by overflowing the virtual machine''s stack ??) but qvm''s are certainly safer. Let''s make a .qvm now. Open a DOS shell and go to the quake3\source\game directory. Then run game.bat. Voila - You''ll see a .qvm file appear in the quake3\source\vm directory! We can run cgame.bat and ui.bat (in their respective directories) to make two more .qvm''s. You can distribute these .qvm files to other people so that they can run your mod. ...the game.bat batch file fails, saying: *********** ERROR *********** Error opening g_main.asm: No such file or directory. I''ve installed the v127g_TA game source (Q3A_TA_GameSource_127.exe) and installed it in C:\quake3 directory. My actualy Q3 game folder is in C:\Games\Quake III Arena\. How the hell can I make these batch files work so that I can create the QVM''s???? Really need some help here.... RM. Tron Software -=Kicking Butt and Writing Code=-

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Not to worry, fixed it. If anyone else is wondering, you have to use the v1.17 game source batch files to compile the QVM''s. For some reason, the 1.27g batch files don''t work under Windows 98.



Tron Software

-=Kicking Butt and Writing Code=-

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