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[MMORPG]Ruthless Chaos - the return of RPG

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The online RPG Ruthless Chaos is a 100% free2play game, created by Kelstar Entertainment. If you think that you got what’s needed for the most exciting adventure ever, this is your game! Do you remember the first time you played an RPG? That unique feeling when going into unexplored dungeons and enjoyed discovering the most creepy places you could ever imagine?
Nowadays this RPG feeling is lost and players get desperate trying to find a real game that's on their level. We want to give you that RPG-feeling back.
Level up and gather your friends to become a legend!

We are glad to present:


Ruthless Chaos - The return of RPG.



Release Date: Friday, 4th March 2016, at 17:00 CET (GMT+1)




Play Now:







- Explore a dynamic world full of secrets where every place means a new challenge.


- Team up with your friends to complete the over 300 quests you can find along the world.


- Enjoy your gaming experience in a comfortable and ever-growing community.


- Play one of the 4 different vocations and slay hundreds of different creatures.


- Login every day to complete daily challenges and get special rewards!


- Fight challenging bosses with scripted AI and find their weaknesses and special abilities.


- Take part in lots of World Events, Raids and Special Quests which require the cooperation of the whole server.


- Join the Sarlin Society and aid them in their fight to defeat the Ruthless Seven. Be the first one to defeat this mighty archdemons to be declared winner of the season, and thereby becomming a true legend!


Website: http://www.ruthlesschaos.com

How to play: Manual





Lore Summary:

Your homeland has been devastated. For centuries, mankind hunted demons, slaughtering their kind and banishing them into the depths of Hell. Until the Ruthless Seven, almighty archdemons, united all the demonic cabals in one crusade against mankind. City after city, the kingdoms of men succumbed to the hordes of demons. In a desperate attempt to survive, a group of heroes sailed off the city of Carlin into the unknown seas to find the unexplored land of Elendia. But peace would not last long, as the demonic army eventually found the new human settlements. Now, a thousands of demons are gathering, preparing for the final strike that will wipe out mankind. And somebody has come up with a plan, a desperate and risky plan. To sneak into the core of Hell itself, and strike the heart of the enemy. To slay the Ruthless Seven.




- 100% free to play. You will not be forced to pay to fully enjoy the game in any means. However, in order to keep the game alive, we have implemented a Donation system, where you can donate to contribute to the game’s maintenance and development. We are strongly against any kind of Pay2Win system, and that’s why the rewards you can get for donating will not have any impact on the character’s gameplay.



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Major game update is comming soon! smile.png


Over this week, our first game update will take place. Among other things, the update will bring:


  • World event bosses. The main character of this update will be a great variety of bosses that are spawned through world changes or player interaction. Most of these are secret, so we are not able to do a good teaser on them without major spoilers, but you can expect to meet them in-game soon!
  • Over 40 equipment pieces, weapons, potions, elixirs and items in general.
  • Plenty of new blacksmithing/alchemy recipes.
  • Vocation balancing, with paladins in the spotlight.
  • Port Sarlin will at last be gifted with a small depot!
Stay tuned! smile.png



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Haven't seen what Tibia's looked like in a few years, thanks for bringing back memories. :)

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We know it's been a long time since we last released a patch or update, but we hope that this update was worth waiting for! We hope you like the new task system of the Sarlin Society, and the lovely new beginning newcomers will be starting on from now on.

  • New tasks have been added to all the ranks of the Sarlin Society! However, from now on only a specific amount of tasks will need to be completed in order to advance in rank, which means you will be able to chose which of the tasks you want to complete and which you don't. The reason for this change is to offer viable alternatives to the tasks on which players would always end up getting stuck, like the ones that required you to enter a dungeon.
  • The beginning has been completely revamped! Players are from now on starting on a farm on the Starfish islands, which hope to be less confusing than the burning ruins of Carlin.
  • Expanded the beholder city below the swamp.
  • Added a new plaguesmith area in Demon Valley.
  • The guild command !bonuses (now also called by !guildinfo) now also displays information about the online guild members.



Other minor fixes and changes include:

  • Increased the experience rates around levels 120-180.
  • Added plenty of shrines in the beginning of Frisiga that increase your maximum health and speed.
  • Reworked the stats of the sapphire necklace.
  • Player levels may no longer fall below level 8 upon death.
  • Added the creatures that were supposed to be on the path to Shard.
  • Reduced the damage of the Teleutes summoned by Borboros.
  • Elemental arrows can now be picked up by using them, like the rest of arrows.
  • Fixed the health increase of templar legs.
  • Fixed the health and mana increase of mithril boots.
  • Reduced the damage reflection of Pumin and the frequency at which he paralyzes his target.
  • Fang amulets now additionally increase the healing speed of your totems by 20%.
  • Fixed the sorcerer vocation quest in the fortress of the Seven.
  • Slightly reworked the damaging abilities of serpent spawns.
  • Altered the rewards of the Lost Trails quest.
  • Slightly increased the rate at which the skillpoint rewards of blacksmithing recipe decrease as you level up your blacksmithing skill.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the outfit of guild members to bug when the leader used the guild outfit command while having used a chamaleon rune on an item.
  • Several items have been made sellable at NPCs.
  • Several mapbugs and typos have been corrected.

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