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"Assertion failed! Expression: !XMVector3Equal(UpDirection, XMVectorZero())"

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So I have run into an error that makes my program crash and I get the following error message: 


Assertion failed!
Program: ...min\Source\Workspaces\Engine\Debug\Application.exe
File: c:\program files (x86)\windows kits...\directx...rix.inl
Line: 1912
Expression: !XMVector3Equal(UpDirection, XMVectorZero())
For information on how your program can cause an assertion
failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts
(Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled)
And I have no clue why. I did some chenges to the program:
-Changed my naming-style of functions in every class
-Enabled a debugging device
I have located the chrash to the following piece of code:
	DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->viewMatrix, DirectX::XMMatrixLookToRH(this->position, this->lookAt, this->up));

The whole piece looks like this:

Camera::Camera(Vector3 position, Vector3 rotation, Vector3 up, float fieldOfViewAngle, int renderWidth, int renderHeight, float nearPlane, float farPlane)
	//initialize camera
	this->position = position;
	this->lookAt = Vector3(0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f);
	this->up = up;
	this->rotation = rotation;
	this->viewMatrix = DirectX::XMFLOAT4X4();

	DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->cameraRotationMatrix, DirectX::XMMatrixRotationRollPitchYawFromVector(this->rotation));

	//calculate new lookAt an up- vectors with camera rotation
	this->lookAt = DirectX::XMVector3TransformCoord(this->lookAt, DirectX::XMLoadFloat4x4(&cameraRotationMatrix));
	this->up = DirectX::XMVector3TransformCoord(this->up, DirectX::XMLoadFloat4x4(&cameraRotationMatrix));
	this->lookAt = DirectX::XMVectorAdd(this->position, this->lookAt);

	//create matrices
	DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->viewMatrix, DirectX::XMMatrixLookToRH(this->position, this->lookAt, this->up));
		DirectX::XMMatrixPerspectiveFovLH(fieldOfViewAngle, (float)renderWidth / (float)renderHeight, nearPlane, farPlane));
		DirectX::XMMatrixOrthographicLH((float)renderWidth, (float)renderHeight, nearPlane, farPlane));
	DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->cameraMatrix, DirectX::XMMatrixMultiply(DirectX::XMLoadFloat4x4(&this->viewMatrix), DirectX::XMLoadFloat4x4(&this->projectionMatrix)));
	DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->cameraMatrix2D, DirectX::XMMatrixMultiply(DirectX::XMLoadFloat4x4(&this->viewMatrix), DirectX::XMLoadFloat4x4(&this->orthographicMatrix)));
	//transpose the matricies
	DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->viewMatrix, DirectX::XMMatrixTranspose(DirectX::XMLoadFloat4x4(&this->viewMatrix)));
	DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->projectionMatrix, DirectX::XMMatrixTranspose(DirectX::XMLoadFloat4x4(&this->projectionMatrix)));
	DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->orthographicMatrix, DirectX::XMMatrixTranspose(DirectX::XMLoadFloat4x4(&this->orthographicMatrix)));
	DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->cameraMatrix, DirectX::XMMatrixTranspose(DirectX::XMLoadFloat4x4(&this->cameraMatrix)));
	DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->cameraMatrix2D, DirectX::XMMatrixTranspose(DirectX::XMLoadFloat4x4(&this->cameraMatrix2D)));

The vector3s are my own vector class and a cast them to a XMVECTOR like this:

Vector3::operator DirectX::XMVECTOR() const
	return DirectX::XMVectorSet(this->x, this->y, this->z, 1.0f);

Does anyone have any idea what I could have done wrong?

Edited by Mumsfilibaba

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I think that assert is saying "I don't want the up vector to be (0,0,0), but it is. :("

Somehow your up vector is becoming zero.

Some likely possibilities for how that's happening:
- You're setting it to zero somewhere, perhaps a typo.
- You're multiplying it with zero.
- You might be performing a cross-product on two parallel vectors (or a vector with itself via a typo).

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DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->viewMatrix, DirectX::XMMatrixLookToRH(this->position, this->lookAt, this->up));
Change to:
DirectX::XMStoreFloat4x4(&this->viewMatrix, DirectX::XMMatrixLookToRH(this->position, this->lookAt, Vector3(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f)));

L. Spiro

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So I solved it. The problem were in the Vector2-class that is parent to the Vector3-class. The y value was set to the x value in the constructor.

Vector2::Vector2(float x, float y)
	this->x = x;
	this->y = y;

Vector3::Vector3(float x, float y, float z) 
	: Vector2(x, y)
	this->z = z;

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