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Enzo Ferey

Mr Melon Games

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It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s Mr Melon Games and they are here to change your life ! If you miss arcade, if you are a melon or even if your wife is a melon this is your place. Don’t wait months or years for the new game of your favourite saga. Today we start this project, we will bring you a brand new game every 2 weeks for “freee”. A programmer and an animator united by a melon (and there is even a startups incubator that trusted them: Demium Games). 2 weeks 1 game. With no ice cream or cup, don’t think badly.


An arcade saloon in your living room. Online of course, we don’t have enough money, maybe one day we’ll be able to take our games to your home, literally, in BIG boxes, huuuge boxes, with trucks, even better, with planes, teleportation…[changing monkey wait a sec]… So what I was saying? We are a serious company with serious people doing serious games and we have a serious donate button on our website so if you could be so kind to click it you will be teleported to our study, no cost at all. [I told you to don’t say anything about money yet…. We need to gain their trust first, we will steal their souls later… oh this is still on? oh daaamn]…[changing monk…**** off stupid machine…Mr melon for president…].






And that’s not all, we are selling our bodies to you! You will be able to follow the workflow all along thanks to our social media (please no fap…): brainstorming, concepts, first prototype, stupid videos, melons everywhere, a very serious office, everything.



Twitter: If you don’t want to miss anything just follow us ! We will tweet links to all our content.



Facebook: We will publish all kind of photos and notices about us.


Youtube: At the end of the 2 weeks we will do a making of the whole process. Also, at the end of the first week we will a upload a short trailer of it.



Snapchat: Username: mrmelongames (only Spanish content). Here you will be the Big Brother. You will see everything about our daily activities. We promise some serious content…oh wait.



Instagram: A must for the art lovers. You can find on this media the most beautiful art from our newbie artist.



That’s it. Please share this around your circles, spread the word to create a big family of melons ! Also, maybe your asking yourself why we are posting in this forum, well, we have already uploaded a small game we did recently in 2-3 days at “Games” page. Some features went buggy on HTLM5 export but we will be fixing it very soon. Also we just announced the game idea for this first two weeks: 


"Bill is a bus driver and he must deliver children to school driving around the city, but Bill has NO BREAKS !"


Thank you for reading, all comments and feedback are welcome, have a nice day !


End of the transmission.





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Hi melons ! Our first entry didn't have that much success, but we understand that you need to be active in a community in order to get feedback and you can't just spam and go away. Sad news for you all, we are and we want to interact with you :3

Yesterday we posted our first entry on our website, we are posting it here too because we want you to read it, we don't care if it's on our website or here. We would like to have some feedback over the weeks in order to improve our games and the content we share with you (if you don't follow us on Twitter or Facebook do it if you want more frequent images, gifs and announces). That said, we hope you will enjoy the read.

"Basically, we started the week one day late because on Monday we did all the launch stuff and the website polishing took us way too much time. So, we are on Tuesday, we have correct advertising behind us (althought we posted about us in a couple of forums along this week, and more to come yet), and we have no idea of what game we are going to do. We were supossed to do a 2 hour brainstorming on Monday but it ended up being 1 hour on Tuesday, shit happens. We came up with 4 ideas that we explained in front of all the office and after a votation and some talking we had decided our game idea ! "No Breaks" would be a game where you are a bus driver who must "deliver" all the children of the city to school, however you have no breaks so you will throwing them around until eventually some of them reach the school so you don't loose the game.

On Wednesday and Thursday we coded and drew the main game elements.
There is some images of the evolution.



First images of placeholders.



Placeholders in movement !



Finally some decent art.



He only knows how to do cars.



The first city map layout.


Finally we arrive on Friday, unexpectly alive (we ate super melons at the beginning of the week), and it's time to pack up everything together, ugly graphics and inneficient code to build a horrible prototype.

You can judge the result:




That's all we got at the moment ! This weekend we will do the Youtube video trailer about this 2 weeks development and try to improve the game.

If you have any wish about the game, you don't like something about it, you would like to see another content on this devblogs or you just want to tell us how great our melons are (no, not those melons) just answer in this thread and we will be very happy to answer ! smiley.gif

Share the website if you liked it, and the most important:


End of transmission."

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