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Online mobile/web game

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I will start off by saying that I'm studying IT at 2nd year and I have little experience in desktop programming in C++/SFML/OpenGL I also know SQL, UE4 and some Unity. I have never worked on mobile or web games. Since few days I'm looking for something new to learn to continue my education. I came up with idea to actually start working on my game I have been thinking about for a long time. I won't say what's the idea, but the gameplay is smilar but a bit more advanced than Blood Brothers 1 and 2 (android game). First I thought about making it only web rpg game, but I think going for android would be very good idea.


I have couple of questions/ need advice.


1. Should I start with web or android first (or give up on web and focus on android only)

2. Depending on first question, what language/framework/engine should I use

3. How about networking


If I had to do it for android only, I should probably go for Unity and some C# networking, but if I'm thinking about web game, I'm not sure then where to go. I also see Phaser framework for web and mobile games(sounds like Ionic), but how would I solve networking there? For networking part, I'm playing with client/server programming in C++/SFML but still beginner.


I just need advice on which path to go, since I'm not familiar with android or web programming.

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Although I disagree about ideas always worth nothing (aka dozen a dime) , I doubt it will be a problem to share your idea at least in more details. For example it would be better to know if it will be turn based, realtime or both.


I think if I were you , I'd consider using Unity not to limit myself solely to Android but iOS and Windows Mobile as well depending on your gameplay (if it needs to be connected all the time, have offline content/progress, asset size)

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