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Huenison landed on Steam

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It has passed a long time since the original release, but Huenison has just landed on Steam, and this is quite good news for the following reasons:
 * who bought the game from any other place has been assigned a free Steam key;
 * the game has been enhanced further since its original release, and now benefits from the improvements listed below;
 * for a whole week the game can be purchased with a whopping launch discount of 20%!

Steam gamers will not only experience the excitement of the game itself, but will also be able to collect:
* 14 achievements;
* 5 trading cards;
* 6 badges;
* 5 emoticons;
* 3 backgrounds.
Moreover, they can also get hold of the AmigaOS 4 version as a freely downloadable DLC.
* Added ALL LEVELS bonus.
* Added 5x CRT dots mode.
* Added screenshot feature (press [PRINT] to take screenshots).
* Gave Huenison's face a different color at each interlude.
* Reworked video initialization:
   * allowed running in window on 16-bit screens;
   * worked around libSDL 1.2.13 bugs on AmigaOS;
   * handled case of no resolutions returned by SDL_ListModes().
* Worked on disturbances upon level completion:
   * fixed disappearing of BADLINES;
   * ensured that disturbances are never generated again after being disabled.
* Activated BADLINES sound effect in FACE-OFF level.
* Added fixed channel for speech to avoid it being interrupted.
* Fixed surface leak in wiper cleanup.
* Changed timing check of intro, so that, even if auto-pause kicks in, still the menu becomes active as soon as the speech ends.
* Moved RESTORE bonus notification to when it is achieved.
* Moved hiscores saving to after player name is entered for more robustness.
* Re-rendered final speech sample with two additional laughs.
* Made audio halt immediately when pause is entered.
* Redesigned icons.
* Updated/improved notices/instructions/manual.
* Made a minor optimization in menu.
* Made other minor changes.


Inspired by a variety of classics including Arkanoid, Space Invaders and Tetris, Huenison is a frantic-paced hybrid of shoot 'em up and colour-matching puzzle game presented in neo-retro, unique visual styles. Piloting a small mobile cannon back and forth across the bottom of a well, you must cycle through your six coloured beams, firing at the descending onslaught of corresponding coloured bricks. Missed shots bring the deadly zapper closer to your cannon, and missed bricks raise the ground they touch.


With 25 levels, multiple boss battles, 9 different game modes, kick-ass chiptunes and a ludicrous variety of brick types, Huenison is all about racking up bonuses and score chaining. Your goal? To achieve the top position on the online highscore table and, while at it, to save the world!



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