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Dyn. 2 dim array same as float[x][y]??

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I was recently trying to make a 2 dim array for use with glMap2f(OpenGL) and making all its values same as the array float[4][4][3]. E.g I made typedef float glVertex3fv[3]; Then, I do: glVertex3fv **Grid; Then I allocate 2 dim array as 4x4 Grid = new glVertex3fv*[4]; for (int i=0;i<4;i++) Grid = new glVertex3fv[4]; And here I just assign all values of float[4][4][3] to Grid[x][y][0,1,2]. When I go to glMap2f and pass it not as &float[0][0](starting array value), but as (float *)&Grid[0][0], it draws some buggy things, not the patch I had with float[4][4][3].. Why? Someone help please? Thanks.

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