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Davi Doro

Pointless Wars - [Turn-Based Pointless Strategy]

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Download Alpha

No story, no reason, no problem!

Fight intriguing heroes using the power of nature elements and questionable war tactics.

It would be a shame if you do all that for no reason at all.



Battle Gameplay


Win 2 consecutive battles.

The Army

In order to crush the enemy, you need an army.

The Challenge

After each battle, the loser can rebuild his army, and the winner will have his army recomposed with the same units he had at the start of the previous battle. 

Can you win in disadvantage?




Well... after building your army, just go for it! Just remember your units have weaknesses and your hero can only do so many things. 


You can pick a battle formation, if that helps. Just kidding, it does help.


Game Modes

Campaign: Fight for no reason!

All the answers you need.



Online/LAN: Fight for pride!

Beat people online and... get bragging rights?

Arena: Fight for power!

Beat all the heroes and... feel accomplished!


Custom Game: Fight for fun!

Remove overpowered heroes, increase luck factor, make it challenging, make it easy, play with friends.

Download Alpha

Leave your thoughts! Thanks!  ;D


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I like it! Keep up the good work smile.png

Thanks! I will!



Is that a real great game on screens! What about mobile platforms?

Hehe good question! It sure does look like a mobile game right? I'm planing to port it to mobile eventually. But PC/Mac/Linux are my priorities, just because these are platforms that I'm more comfortable with. Also, I have zero experience programming for Android/IOS, so there's that laugh.png

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looks great.
Can you post a gif of the actual brawl?


Well, I could say it is unfinished, or I could show you this:



Yep, lots of unfinishness, I'm not even sorry





When the armies meet in the center of the field, the player with the largest army makes a decision on how does he want to end the battle.

The first gif would be the Army vs Army option, and the second gif the Man vs Man option, where a random unit of each army volunteers to fight.



Looks good. I'd love to give it a try. Do you have a web page to follow or something?




Nothing besides my twitter [twitter]davi_doro[/twitter] yet. But it's one of my priorities, I'll let people know when it happens.



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