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Mr. Donovan - Action and Exploration in a Kaleidoscopic World

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I Just wanted to share a game I'm working on, I hope you all like it!






Mr. Donovan's ship has crash landed on an alien planet. Donovan is well equipped to handle himself on a strange planet by using his ship’s energy to power his space suit and weapons.  In order to survive he must keep his ship safe from the planet's attacking creatures.  Not only must Mr. Donovan protect his ship, but he must also repair it in order to escape.  Donovan must solve puzzles quickly in order to obtain resources while mining. These resources are needed to repair his ship. Acquired resources can also unlock abilities that will aid in defending his ship and surviving another night.  








Defend your crashed ship from approaching attackers. Prepare for nightly attacks on your ship.


(Getting debuffs like stun or slow to always override the players current actions was tricky but works pretty well now.)








Discover resources that will allow you to gain a variety of interchangeable and vastly differing abilities. Freely choose ability types that best suit your play style and needs. Are you a bruiser? unlock abilities that focus on damage output at the expense of mobility. Are you a finesse player? using well timed teleportation, skill shots and trickery to demoralize your opponent causing them to surrender.










There are many different types of creatures on the planet, some harmless and passive, some are very dangerous and extremely difficult. If you can impress some enemies with your skill and show flawless execution of abilities then they may just want to forfeit the fight early.. But you will end up running away often.










Mine for resources anywhere on the map, you never know what you might find in strange or inconspicuous locations. You may choose to gain abilities that help you locate certain resources or good areas to dig. Mining may seem easy but it is fraught with peril. Resources are not easily obtained.


(Mining was one of the first systems I built into the game, because of that it has needed lots of retooling.  Everything that I had built on my first pass early in development was crap and easily broken,  but it’s a fun mechanic now! According to myself.)










Explore the world, there are many things to see and secrets to find. Exploring can also be wrought with danger. Always be vigilant, there are hidden surprises around every bend. Many different and bizarre looking environments will be




(The environments have been so much fun to build. Since it's an alien world I'm just going to make them crazy and colorful.)









Have fun with pets! There will be a variety of pets with particular reasons why you might want to catch each one.





Thank you for stopping by and if you find any of this interesting, following the game on twitter/facebook or checking out the website would be hugely motivating for me! I will be posting more soon! cheers smile.png


Website:      www.mrdonovangame.com

Facebook:      www.facebook.com/mrdonovangame

Twitter:      twitter.com/MrDonovanGame

Trailer on Youtube:      






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