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Simplex noise algorithm always returns 0 noise at x = 0

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I am using a Simplex noise algorithm to generate noise, both in 1D and 2D. The problem is that for both dimensions the noise value is always 0 for x=0 (or for x=0, y=0 in the 2D case).

Can I modify the algorithm to give random values at 0 also?

Here is the code:

public static float Generate1D(float x, float? noiseFrequency = null)
            if (noiseFrequency.HasValue)
                x *= noiseFrequency.Value;

            int i0 = FastFloor(x);
            int i1 = i0 + 1;
            float x0 = x - i0;
            float x1 = x0 - 1.0f;

            float n0, n1;

            float t0 = 1.0f - x0 * x0;
            t0 *= t0;
            n0 = t0 * t0 * grad(SeedNumbers[i0 & 0xff], x0);

            float t1 = 1.0f - x1 * x1;
            t1 *= t1;
            n1 = t1 * t1 * grad(SeedNumbers[i1 & 0xff], x1);
            // The maximum value of this noise is 8*(3/4)^4 = 2.53125
            // A factor of 0.395 scales to fit exactly within [-1,1]
            float result = 0.395f * (n0 + n1);

            return result;
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