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Just a Cleric, Action RPG / Comedy (Demo)

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Hello, everyone! My name's Dave and am responsible for such past games as Hasslevania, Equin: The Lantern, and Neil Peart- Mission: The Camera Eye. I've been making games of some sort since the late 80's starting with BASIC and PASCAL up through VB6 and currently use MMF2.


But enough of that crap!


I'm new here (of course) and would like to announce my latest game currently up on Steam Greenlight called "Just a Cleric".

Please watch this COOL VIDEO and you'll find more information about this SOON TO BE AWARDING-WINNING GAME after it!


(If you can't tell, I'm having fun with this announcement lol)



Le Steam!




El Extendo!





The Short 5 Mission Demo!




Ze Information!


Ahhhh the cleric. Trusty healer, smiter of the undead, the guy with big G's ear. The cornerstone of any successful adventuring party to be sure. I now take you to one such adventuring party not far from here in the forest. They've just bested some unruly ogres and are feeling pretty good about themselves. Well, most of them anyway... 
"Just a Cleric" is my new retro-styled action RPG. Become the titular wussy cleric himself and set out to avenge your fallen comrades by attempting to do what no cleric before you has ever done: CLERIC DE COMMANDO. 
Take up missions at the town's pub and accomplish quests ranging from killing a giant cricket to reviving some dead guys who didn't pay their bills. Gather a plethora of cool gear to equip yourself like armor, maces, and flails or try your hand at other most decidedly NON CLERIC-Y stuff like battleaxes and bow and arrows. Upgrade them further through the town's blacksmith or even bless the strongest at the central church. By killing monsters and completing quests you'll gain experience levels and learn powerful prayers to use like Fryar Fry, Priestly Pyro, and Undead Bane.
Raise your stats however you see fit, as each hold equal weight in the AVENUES OF ADVENTURING. Strength not only makes swords and axes hit harder, you'll become much more adept at landing critical hits and blocking with shields. Luck raises damage for daggers and crossbows, increases the odds of chest traps not occuring, and aids in enemy loot drops. Constitution is the only way to increase your maximum HP as well as bolsters both your physical defense and spell resistance. Or you could always go the way of the cleric and pump points into faith. This allows for faster PP (Prayer Point) regeneration, higher damage from staves and flails, and SIGNIFICANTLY STRONGER prayers. 
The choice is up to you! 
Can the wussy cleric overcome COUNTLESS ODDS and break- or embrace- his HEALEY tropes? 
Or is he gonna' die? 
*An UNUSUAL all-real instrument soundtrack by The Booger Myers Band. 
*New Game+ upon victory, with new enemies, better possible gold loot, and harder bosses with different abilities. 
*THREE save files. That's two more than ONE save file! 
*A hardcore option that's just ridiculous so don't try it. 
*Both keyboard and joystick / game pad support.
I thank all of you for your time, and please, check out the demo and greenlight page and let me know what you think!
BRAVO to you all, sirs and madam!

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Thank you, thank you!

I've updated the demo for better controls and etc, and also made this new video for JAC:


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