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[IOS][Android] Rune Ranker

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My name is B.o.N.
I want to present my game, "Rune Ranker", a 2D side-scrolling game we are currently working on to you all here. The progression is above 90% as of now. We are going to publish the game on iOS and Android soon.


Rating: Everyone
Genre: Action,RPG
Language: Thai, English
Number of Player: 1
Engine: Unity
Target Platform: IOS,Android,PC
Release Plan: March 2016
You will play as the new student at the magic academy, "Rune Academia". Customize your own character, fight Against Monster, collect the treasure, explore the world and challenge other students to become the top of Academy, “King”.


"Rune Academia" School of knowledge and magic.Established for all youths to polish their magic skills to the fullest.Those who graduated from here were all the professional in magics. This school accepted only 50 students for each generation. Those who had been chosen have to do their best for great succession in their lives.
Character Customize System
Create and customize your own character in your own unique way for an adventure in a Fantasy world ahead.



Quest System

More than 50 main missions and 100 sub quests for you to take! Which consist of treasure hunting, monsters hunting and investigating the area to collect “Rank Point” and become a No.1 of an academy.


Partner System
Venture on a journey together and strengthen the bond between your chosen partner to improve your strength and unlock a multiple ending.


Rune System
Can be able to learn more than 90 magics which includes a fireball, wind blade, ice spear and even a strong cyclone. Try making a great combination of your magic skill which can help you to accomplish the mission easier.


Upgrade System
Enhance your weapon and equipment to suit your style with more than 30 effects providing to become stronger.


















Follow this link for more details :
We just launched our trailer for a while.
Please follow this link for Rune Ranker’s trailer : 
" title="External link">
I hope you interested in our game and thank you very much for giving me the place to advertise!
***Update 21/3/2016***
"Rune Ranker" is available on both Apple's App Store and Google Play!! The download links are as below

iOS :
Android :

Please enjoy!!
Edited by B.o.N.

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Hi guy!

Now, "Rune Ranker" is available on both Apple's App Store and Google Play. The download links are as below

iOS :
Android :

We hope that you will love our game. All your comments are appropriate in order for improving the game. We will do our best to make our game better. Please enjoy the game!



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