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[Beta] Heroes Guard: The Journal (CYOA / RPG / Deck Builder)

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For the past year and 9 months I've been working full-time on my gamebook Heroes Guard: The Journal. It's been a long, but amazing journey and I finally feel comfortable sharing it with a wider audience!

The game largely plays like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but there are several RPG elements - including inventory, stats, companions, and even dice rolling! These types of games are generally called gamebooks - and were made fairly popular by such companies as Tin Man Games and Inkle. While I loved the work they were producing, I wanted a stronger feeling of strategy and replayability in the genre. Which I think I captured by doing the following:

  • Random short-story events pop-up on an interactive map, often different for each play-through

  • The events can escalate if not taken care of - which actually changes the story and makes things more challenging

  • All of the magic, items, and companions you collect in the story become cards for your deck

  • Combat consists of 3-rounds that uses your deck you've built in a strategic game - that ties into your RPG stats

  • The "main story arc" is randomly curated based on your character's past

  • Unlock new weapons for completing journals (no IAP or F2P mechanics!)

  • You won't die early in the story, but there are consequences. It is all about how well you did along the way!

    If you are fan of Tabletop RPGs, Interactive Fiction, Card Games, or even enjoy reading fantasy novels - I'd love to hear your feedback on the up-coming beta!


    A video I did for a local convention and screenshots to entice your imagination:


    6rJJAI2m.png  uRwQVatm.png  ssRqi3ym.png  R39u7OUm.png


    If this is something you are into, please sign-up for the up-coming beta

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    The beta is now available for those that signed-up, so check your inboxes! Excited to hear everyone's thoughts on this unique game!

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