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Buttons Question

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I''ve created a normal button like this: hPlayButton = CreateWindow ("button", "", WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | BS_BITMAP, 21, 473, BUTTONSIZE, 20, hWnd, (HMENU) ID_PLAYBUTTON, hThisInstance, NULL ); It shows up fine but my problem is finding out when it is clicked. The ID_PLAYBUTTON is defined like this: #define ID_PLAYBUTTON WM_USER + 3 hWnd is a handle to the main window. How do I respond to messages sent by this button?

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The identifier of the button shouldn''t really be defined as a windows'' message. (WM_USER + x) is used for sending user defined messages between windows.

When your button is pressed is will generate the WM_COMMAND message. The LOWORD of wParam will then give you the ID of the control generating the message.

You should define the ID for the button in the resources header file. If you are using VC++ you can do this by right-clicking on the ResourceView and select Resource Symbols.

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Since it''s a child window, it sends its window messages to its
parent''s WndProc. So it looks like your parent is whatever
you passed as hWnd. Check your parent''s WM_COMMAND message
for your button''s ID.

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