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Crash instead of null pointer exception on opIndex

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I am migrating to AS 2.31 (more precisely revision 2301), and I am seeing a change in behavior regarding null pointer exceptions.


I have a class that implements an array-style opIndex. The C++ implementation is the following:

void * CollectionClass::opIndex(asUINT index)
        return items[index];
        return NULL;

When accessing a collection of collection out of bounds in a script:

// out of bound: myCollection contains only 1 item

This used to raise a null pointer exception in the script engine (AS 2.29.2), whereas now it crashes: after checking the code in Angelscript, the null pointer check has indeed been removed, and the returned pointer is dereferenced directly to call the opIndex operator on it (as_scriptengine.cpp, line 4286):

		obj = (void*)(asPWORD(obj) + i->baseOffset);
		return (((asCSimpleDummy*)obj)->*f)(param1); 

Is this expected? Should I raise an out of bounds exception manually instead to stop execution before, like it is done in the array class?


I am thinking that there are probably many cases where you'd like the engine to check for null pointers for you instead, like it used to do if I remember well, but I might be wrong!

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How is the opIndex method registered with the engine? Is it registered to return a reference, or a handle?


A method that is registered to return a reference really shouldn't be allowed to return a null pointer as the reference is expected to be to a valid object. Only return a null pointer if you're also raising an exception to tell the engine that the returned reference shouldn't be accessed.



Still, I'll see what to do about this. I have a feeling that this problem was introduced in version 2.30.1 (released last year) when I added the bytecode instruction asBC_Thiscall1 to optimize access to array elements (and any other method that takes a single 32bit integer argument).

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You are right, it was indeed registered with a reference as return type - my bad! Raising an exception fixes the crash in a clean way, thanks! 


I guess the change in behavior indeed happened with the asBC_Thiscall1 call modification. It used to work by accident, and this is now "fixed" :-).

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There was indeed a bug in asBC_Thiscall1. Even if your first opIndex had returned a null handle (instead of a reference) it would still crash since asBC_Thiscall1 didn't verify the object pointer.


I've fixed this now in revision 2303.




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