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OpenGL Updating Vertex Buffers OpenGL ES 2.0

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I'm implementing a sprite system to draw sprites.  My first strategy was as follows:


1. Use one big dynamic vertex buffer.

2. Sort sprites by render state/texture.

3. For each sprite batch

  a. Fill dynamic vertex buffer with next batch using glBufferSubData.

  b. Issue draw call to draw the batch


My thinking was that the driver would discard the old buffer and allocate a new one for the next batch so there would be no stalls.  This is how Direct3D words with the Map/Discard/WriteOnly flags.  Can I expect similar behavior on mobile opengl es 2.0?


Later, I was thinking that even if the driver does discard the buffers, it still allocates a lot of buffers per frame (not sure if this is a big deal or not).  So then I was thinking of the following fill strategy:


3. For each sprite batch

  a. Fill system memory vertex array with next batch

  b. push_back a struct BatchData = {VertexStart, VertexCount, Texture*, etc.} so I know what region of vertex buffer corresponds to a draw call.

4. Copy all the vertices for all the draw calls to the dynamic vertex buffer using  glBufferSubData

5. For each batch

  a. Draw the BatchData using offset into vertex buffer


To me the advantage of the 2nd approach is that I won't discard a whole buffer if the sprite batch was small (like 1-2 sprites), but it requires a 2nd pass.


Any thoughts?






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