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Zen of Direct3D Game Programming Question

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I have this book, for the record its awesome. It is understated in the book reveiw section of this page though. If you wanna learn Direct3D you should get this book. Do know that it doesn''t cover all areas of game programming like AI, physics and what not. For that I recommend Tricks of the Game programming Gurus. But the actual point of this post is a question: The final game engine code. I know people are probably thinking linker errors right off the bat. Im not that stupid...or stupid for that matter. But I see the output error(under the VC6.0 Output Box while program runs, before it quickly exits) reports that it cannot create device, Initialization Failed, and the other errors that get triggered after it cant create device. Im just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I have an Intel 810 chipset and it probably cant use one of the options he has set for it the initialize too. I think its the format of A8R8G8B8. Also, lets assume it compiles and runs, what should his engine do? "Ogun''s Laughter Is No Joke!!!" - Ogun Kills On The Right, A Nigerian Poem.

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