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Pacman using Java Swing, how to go about painting my tilemap?

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Hey everyone!


We've been assign voluntary task of creating pac man at school.


So far I've been able to get myself quite far with only a little bit of googling (Had to look up stuff about tilemaps, while i was thinking in terms of 2d array I sort of wasn't able to collect my thoughts well enough)


So far what I have:


  • Tilemap made of walls and paths
  • Yellow circle representing pacman - collision works 
  • 4 red dots representhing the ghosts which currently move randomly, step over each other, though i got the collison to work


  • I still plan on including the dots that are eaten by pacman
  • Improve the AI so that it will atleast attempt to follow the player (not really sure if my idea will work 100%)
  • sound FX


What I'm currently totally at loss is texturizing the tiles. My tiles are 20x20 pixels so i guess the texture for invidual tiles would also have to be this size. However I'm not very experienced with Java and I have no idea how would I implement texturing in swing, i guess I'll need to use Graphics  2d (currently using just the graphics library)


So if you could point me in the right direction that'd be great!



I also attach the prototype I have so far.

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