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Billboard Baker Pro & Addons

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Billboard Baker Pro enables you to generate billboards of every object you like. I developed it, becuse I needed a fast mobile solution to render far objects like houses. It can be used for standalone, web and mobile plattforms.




I added dynamic batching to reduce the batches that were rendered each frame. This means, the billboards are dynamically batched into bigger mesh chunks instead of rendering each frame seperate.




I then focused on reducing the drawcalls (SetPass calls) by integrating an atlasing solution. The Atlasing addon should be on the asset store soon:!/content/57601

With the atlasing addon installed you can reduce the drawcalls drastically.


I recently updated the companys roadmap ( for the next quarter and plan to add an Vegetation Addon.

The vegetation addon should bring life to the trees, bushes and grass as a function of wind zones. To achieve this i will bake the wind zone information into the billboard meshes and then use vertex and uv displacement to simulate bending of branches and leaves.

New information is also available on Twitter:

Feel free to post feedback or ideas ;) clear.png



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