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Episodes of Battle Forever [DevLog]

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Episodes of Battle Forever [DevLog]


Hello folks,

because I don't like to read long stories I'll make my long stroy short.

I've founded my own indie game company in early 2016. And now I am working on my first project.

Its name is Episodes of Battle Forever. Its a sidescroller/beat em up with RPG elements. Everything you're about to see is made by me (graphics, programming).

I am doing a devlog on YouTube. I'll try to upload one episode every week and by now I managed to do so.

Those are the four playable characters of the game (from right to left): Daan, Gake, Alex and White.

Please also have a look on the character sprites in the game:

Smash your way from the left to the right and try to stop the evil that is about to rise!!
(Or stuff like that) Winking.png

Graphically the game will look like a cartoon. The humor of the game will be similar to cartoons as well, but of course there will be serious situations too. 
While you're smashing the noses of your opponents, you can level up your character. 

Whats left:

Which engine do you use?
-> Unity2D

Will there be something playable (for example a short demo)?
-> Day of release will be May the 31st, so its very unlikely that I can manage to create a demo.

Will you take money for the game?
-> Yupp.

How much money?
-> I can't tell by now. Honestly. Thats part of my learning process. But I am sure that I can answer that question soon.

Last but not least: the DevLog. From there you can find my whole social media stuff as well.

Don't hesitate to ask my if there are any questions.Smiling.png

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Hi guys! It's me again and I've just finished my new episode. Please have a look! I've just finished a part of the first level and I want to share it with you! smile.png?v=0 
You can also see, how the game basically works! Have fun! smile.png?v=0


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Hello folks! smile.png?v=0

I just finished my work on the improved HUD. 
Aaaaaaaaaand you are now able to move on the y-axis too! Hooray, that means that you can walk in 360 degrees! smiley.png?v=0 Please have a look and let me know what you think. You'll see more on tomorrows episode!




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Hello folks! :)


Iam happy to announce that my game is now on Steam Greenlight! So please check it out and vote so I can make my dream come true! 


Oh, there is also a new gameplay trailer. Please check that out as well! :) 

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask!


Steam Greenlight:


Gameplay Trailer:


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