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Aaron Smith

OpenGL Directx11 and volume rendering

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Hello all,


i have been looking online last few days at different techniques for volume rendering and come across this forum and some posts on here

i started using the time slice technique where i store my raw data into texture3D and then draw a quad and then what I was doing was inside the pixel shader loop through steps going through sampling the texture along the z axis and this did help produce somewhat of a desired effect

now i'm looking at the ray marching technique and I have a few questions about this technique

1. I have a cube imported in and want to use this as the bounding box to render my volume... i'm unsure on how to map my texture3D which is 256x256x176 onto the cube if its vertices range from 0,0,0 and 1,1,1?

2. I also saw about how you must find the front and back of the cube , if so is this done in the pixel shader?

3. I have found a few tutorials and examples most seem to be in opengl or a c# xna one but none of these run on my computer so doesn't help that I cannot have working code to follow and learn from 

any advice on what I should be doing next from these questions would be great thanks . I can provide code if needed

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