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D3D12HelloTexture - Setting up texture from a bitmap in GenerateTextureData()

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I was experimenting with HelloTexture Sample from Microsoft's DirectX Graphics Samples. The sample shows how to to apply a Texture2D to triangle. I was learning this sample especially because, I'm building a similar application and sample uses a different approach than what I have been doing.


I plan to load an image using WIC and get the texture data so that I can display the image in the triage region, instead of the boxes.

I've loaded my image in 32bppPRGBA. But when I run the program I'm only seeing some gray scale pixels.

Here my modified GenerateTextureData() (line no: 430) function.

std::vector<UINT8> D3D12HelloTexture::GenerateTextureData()

    const UINT rowPitch = TextureWidth * TexturePixelSize; // tex_width = 256, tex_pixel_size = 4
    const UINT textureSize = rowPitch * TextureHeight;

    HRESULT hr;
    HANDLE hd;

    std::vector<UINT8> data(textureSize);
    UINT8* pData = &data[0];

    //Load image
        IWICImagingFactory * pFactory = nullptr;
        IWICBitmapDecoder * pDecoder = nullptr;
        IWICBitmapFrameDecode * pSource = nullptr;
        IWICStream * pStream = nullptr;
        IWICFormatConverter * pConverter = nullptr;
        IWICBitmapScaler * pScaler = nullptr;
        UINT width = 0;
        UINT height = 0;
        WICPixelFormatGUID pixelFormat;
        DXGI_FORMAT format;

        hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_WICImagingFactory, nullptr, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_PPV_ARGS(&pFactory));

        //Open the file - Make sure the file is in the same diretory

        hd = CreateFile2(L"1.jpg", GENERIC_READ, FILE_SHARE_READ, OPEN_EXISTING, nullptr);

        pFactory->CreateDecoderFromFilename(L"1.jpg", nullptr, GENERIC_READ, WICDecodeMetadataCacheOnLoad, &pDecoder);

        //Get the first frame (useful for cases when the image is gif)
        pDecoder->GetFrame(0, &pSource);

        //Create a converter

        //Use the converter to convert image to 32ppPBGRA
        hr = pConverter->Initialize(pSource, GUID_WICPixelFormat32bppPBGRA, WICBitmapDitherTypeNone, nullptr, 0.f, WICBitmapPaletteTypeMedianCut);

        hr = pSource->GetSize(&width, &height);

        assert((width > 0) && (height > 0));

        WICRect rt = { 0 };
        rt.Height = height;
        rt.Width = width;

        //Use CopyPixels to copy the pixels to the new array
        UINT bSize = 0;

       // UINT rowPitch1 = 4 * width;
        UINT stride = 0; // stride  = bytes per row
                         // (width * (bpp/8)) + padding and round to the nearest DWORD
        stride = ((((width * 32) + 31) & ~31) >> 3);
        bSize = height*stride;

        BYTE *pixels = new BYTE[height*stride]();

        pSource->CopyPixels(&rt, stride, bSize, pixels);

       //My image is small, bSize is less than textureSize, so I'm filling upto bSize
        for (UINT n = 0; n < bSize; n += TexturePixelSize)

        //pData[n] = pixels[n];
        //memcpy(&pData[n], &pixels[n], sizeof(BYTE)*4);
        pData[n] = pixels[n];   // R
        pData[n + 1] = pixels[n+1];// G
        pData[n + 2] = pixels[n+2];// B
        pData[n + 3] = pixels[n+3];// A

    delete[] pixels;

    return data;

I've loaded an image of 256 * 256 pixels size to match with the sample's requirement. But still I'm seeing the same problem.

See the attachment for the output.

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JPEG is a 24 bit per pixel, RGB data format that doesn't support an alpha channel. Try changing everything to 24 bits per pixel and see if it works then.

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