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Multitasking in Win32

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HI all, I''m working with multitasking for some time, but what i have is really basic, just create and trash the thread, so, whre can I find more info on multithreading? Thanx all, Hugo Ferreira UniteK Future "Concentrate, and you can see it. If you see it, then it is possible. If it is possible, you can Achieve it."

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It is not an easy topic. (Yoda tone : Oh, yesss, you WILL have deadlocks. )

"Multithreading in Win32" ed. O''Reilly & Associates

"Pthreads Programming" ed. O''Reilly & Associates
Describes the use of the POSIX thread library

"Multithreaded programming in C++" ed. Springer-Verlag
Describes and implement a whole c++ multithreading library, based on win32 threads or pthreads.

Online: google search

As to how it relates to OpenGL... I am near-certain that OpenGL is not thread-safe : for performance reasons, you want to send data as fast as possible to the graphics hardware, so you don''t want to pay for synchronization every time when you have a single thread of execution. Therefore, you definitely don''t want to call GL routines from several threads simultaneously. Which calls for mutexes.

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"Programming Applications for Windows" by Jeffrey Richter (Microsoft Press).

It''s an excellent book which goes into detail about how the thread and process synchronisation of Windows actually works as well as details on many other topics (the memory manager, DLLs etc). Older editions used to be called "Advanced Windows"

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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