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Media Foundation video playback

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Hi Guys,
I am currently porting my code over from DirectShow to Media Foundation.
I am at the point where I can load the video, and start playback. I can hear the audio, so that is great, I am on the right track.
But I can't find any information anywhere on how to get the location in memory for the current video frame, so I can use it as a texture for a quad (like I am currently doing in DirectShow).
Any advice on how to get the location of the current uncompressed frame would be awesome.
This is a simple test function where I am loading and playing the video. But I can't figure out how to get the pointer to the actual frame.

double test()
 IMFSourceResolver* pSourceResolver = NULL;
 IUnknown* pSource = NULL;
 IMFMediaSource* m_pSource = NULL;
 IMFPresentationDescriptor* pPresDescriptor = NULL;
 IMFTopology* pTopology = NULL;
 IMFStreamDescriptor* pStreamDescriptor = NULL;
 IMFTopologyNode* pSourceNode = NULL;
 IMFTopologyNode* pOutputNode = NULL;
 IMFMediaTypeHandler* pHandler = NULL;
 IMFActivate* pRendererActivate = NULL;
 IMFMediaSession* pSession = NULL;

 DWORD nSourceStreams = 0;
 BOOL streamSelected = FALSE;
 HWND hWnd = NULL;
 // IMFClock *m_pPresentationClock=NULL;

 hr = MFStartup(MF_VERSION);       // Start up MF
 if (FAILED(hr)) return 1;
 hr = MFCreateSourceResolver(&pSourceResolver);  // Create the source resolver
 if (FAILED(hr)) return 2;
 hr = pSourceResolver->CreateObjectFromURL(L"D:\\Media\\Movies\\test_file.mp4",
  NULL, &objectType, &pSource);   // Create the media source
 if (FAILED(hr)) return 3;
 m_pSource = static_cast<IMFMediaSource*>(pSource); // Cast the source to a MediaSource (from IUnknown)
 hr = m_pSource->CreatePresentationDescriptor(&pPresDescriptor);  // Create presentation descriptor
 if (FAILED(hr)) return 4;
 hr = pPresDescriptor->GetStreamDescriptorCount(&nSourceStreams); // Get the number of streams in the media source
 if (FAILED(hr)) return 5;
 hr = MFCreateTopology(&pTopology);     // Create a new topology.
 if (FAILED(hr)) return 6;
 for (DWORD x = 0;x<nSourceStreams;x++)  // Create source and sink nodes and add them to the topology.
            //DWORD x=0;
  // Get the stream descriptor for this stream (information about stream).
  hr = pPresDescriptor->GetStreamDescriptorByIndex(x, &streamSelected, &pStreamDescriptor);
  if (FAILED(hr)) return 7;
  // Create the topology branch only if the stream is selected - IE if the user wants
  // to play it.
  if (streamSelected)
   MFCreateTopologyNode(MF_TOPOLOGY_SOURCESTREAM_NODE, &pSourceNode);
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 8;
   hr = pSourceNode->SetUnknown(MF_TOPONODE_SOURCE, m_pSource);
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 9;
   // Set the node presentation descriptor attribute of the node by passing
   // in a pointer to the presentation descriptor
   hr = pSourceNode->SetUnknown(MF_TOPONODE_PRESENTATION_DESCRIPTOR, pPresDescriptor);
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 10;
   hr = pSourceNode->SetUnknown(MF_TOPONODE_STREAM_DESCRIPTOR, pStreamDescriptor);
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 11;
   GUID majorType = GUID_NULL;
   // Get the media type handler for the stream, which will be used to process
   // the media types of the stream.  The handler stores the media type.
   hr = pStreamDescriptor->GetMediaTypeHandler(&pHandler);
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 12;
   // Get the major media type (e.g. video or audio)
   hr = pHandler->GetMajorType(&majorType);
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 13;
   if (majorType == MFMediaType_Audio)
    hr = MFCreateAudioRendererActivate(&pRendererActivate);
    if (FAILED(hr)) return 14;
   else if (majorType == MFMediaType_Video)
    //if(FAILED(hr)) return 15;
    hr = E_FAIL; // fail if the stream type is not video or audio. 
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 16;
   hr = MFCreateTopologyNode(MF_TOPOLOGY_OUTPUT_NODE, &pOutputNode); // Create the node that will represent the renderer
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 17;
   hr = pOutputNode->SetObject(pRendererActivate);  // Store the IActivate object in the sink node
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 18;
   hr = pTopology->AddNode(pSourceNode);     // Add the source node to the topology.
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 19;
   hr = pTopology->AddNode(pOutputNode);     // Add the sink node to the topology.
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 20;
   hr = pSourceNode->ConnectOutput(0, pOutputNode, 0); // Connect the source node to the sink node.  The resolver will find the intermediate nodes needed to convert media types.
   if (FAILED(hr)) return 21;

At this stage it is loading test_file.mp4 from a hard coded location, audio plays fine, and there are no error return codes happening.


Any help would be hugely appreciated.


Thanks in advance smile.png


(P.S. Sorry about the code formatting - GD seems to have mangled it a little)

Edited by DarkRonin

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