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Establishing a path corridor in hierarchical pathfinding with turns

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Let's say the agent is facing the opposite direction to the destination.
And the turning radius is huge, he needs to turn around to get there.
But as it turns, the hierarchical pathfinder needs to open a cluster which
is opposite way towards the destination (But I actually doing a normal search, so this won't happen).
If the abstract path doesn't cover all the areas that the agent needs to use,
Do I just ignore it, when the main search comes (the search between S and the border of S' and G' to G), the abstract path just augments
the main search, when it really has to go outside of the path corridor
I just open an extra node outside the corridor?
Is it okay to do it this way?

BTW, can I ensure the intermediate waypoints are smooth once I've precomputed all the smoothed paths in the abstract grid?

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