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Dave Thiel

Warsmiths - battle sandbox

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Hello! I want introduce to you our game.We have already received the green light on Steam,but we have changed a lot since then. And now, we are ready for beta. So, we really need your feedback wink.png

Descendants Warsmiths - action-RPG battle sandbox about humanity in the last days of the universe carefully designed & based on deep science-fiction assumptions


Do not forget to sign up for the alpha version, if you liked it http://descendantsgame.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register



Main features 

 - 4 launching races with their own features, and 12 initial characters, 3 per each race, every with unique capabilities 

 - multiclass combinations up to 5 classes at the highest level:18 classes and 36 tactics (every class has from 1 to 3subclasses, which we call tactics) 

 - Total 216 unique abilities - 6 per each tactic. The effectiveness of abilities based on the parameters of the character and his wargear 

96 different recipes of armored spacesuits - created exclusively via crafting. Random generation of loot: weapons, modules, implants, cybernetic parts 

 - Starter set of 52 cards of lands to generate the landing territory. 12 customizable structures affecting gameplay and tactics in PvE and PvP battles.

 - The ability to build structures that influence the properties of the lands. Thereby regulate autonomous system of life simulation in your best interest.

 - 36 elements with their own will and unique features for crafting of top wargear in the universe in terms of the science of the last days 





http://warsmiths.com - our site






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