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DXINPUT8Mouse! Need help! Noone helps!

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Hi people! This is the X post of me that I need help. Please people Help me. I think a lot of you are professional programmers and can help me in so a n easy problem... It''s still my DXINPUT8Mouse problem. If I start the programm it brokes down. I have DXINPUT8Keyboard and it works fine. The init and the mousesource I copied now to see if my source is wrong. Because that it should be OK. The libraries are OK, too. A question would be where should I start my Mouseloop? Can I put it in my MainLoop? For example: Draw(); Keyboard(); Calculate(); Mouse(); ?? Is this the reason it brokes down? Please people i don''t knwo what it could be if it isn''t that. I have tried it in the EXCLUSIV and in the NONEXCLUSIV mode. It would be good if you post also if you have the same problem or so. Thanks to all responses: C.Ruiz P.S.: I write it all times but I''m sorry for my bad english. I''m still learning it!

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What do you mean when you say it breaks down? Does it crash? If so, where does it crash and with what error?

Can you provide a snippet of code where it does crash?

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Two kinds of errors:
a) he shows my themepicture and doesn''t respond.
Only way to come out: Reset!

b) he shows me a white background and sounds me
a windows "ding" i can go out with combination
of keyboard. I have tried to comment the error.
He brakes down if he starts GETMOUSESTATE or so.
The important place of code!!!

I have no more information about this error.
The debugger can''t give me informations because
I can''t see it! (Fullscreen)

Can it be a Problem with another Piece of DX?
For example an interferience with DDraw or something
like that?

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Not an exact reply but you will be advised to make your project able to run also in windowed mode for debug purpose. (changing just one variable or using an external *.ini or *.cfg file)
You mouse trouble isn''t the last one you encounter and while running always in fullscreen you will not be able to debug anything.

Programming a game without debuging even if not critical error is IMPOSSIBLE.


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