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Intersect, a 2D ORPG Engine

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Hey all.

I hope it's not against the rules to promote something here but I want to see if you guys might be interested to check out Intersect!

What is Intersect?

Intersect is a C# online role playing game creation toolkit. This engine combines the beloved online role playing aspects of classic 2d tile based ORPG engines with a modern code base, a user friendly development suite, and brand new features. Maps are seamless and are easier than ever to create. We have an excellent lighting system, events, and much much more! Our client is separately licensed as BSD so you can legally distribute your creations for profit without giving away your source modifications.

What can I do with Intersect?

With Intersect you will be able to create your own 2D ORPG. Intersect will be open source and filled with all your standard RPG features and more! This means that you can immediately start creating content for your game, or you can add your own custom features.
Because we want Intersect to cater to newbies and veteran game developers alike, the base engine is packed with features while trying to stay as vanilla as possible. Best of all, this engine can be ported to Unity within 5 minutes!

Features include:

An excellent Map Editor

* Undo/Redo
* Seamless Maps
* Z Dimension to make fully working bridges
* Drag and Drop
* Dropper Tool
* Adjustable Tile Selection
* Backdrops
* World Preview / Map Grid

An extensive Event System

* Create Cut Scenes
* Show Events based on Local or Global Conditions
* Local and Global Events
* Conditional Branches

A Questing System

* Fused with Event System
* Collect/Slay/Find Quests
* Multiple Tasks
* Multiple Rewards

A Lighting System

* Blend Colors
* Animated Lights
* Give Spells Light Values
* Give Players Light Values
* Animations
* Just check out the Editor


* Multiple Directions
* Spawn Multiple Projectiles
* Integrated Animations
* Editor
* Simple Blast
* Advanced Wave

RPG Elements

* Resource Gathering
* Paperdoll
* Stats
* Levels
* Items
* Spells
* Quest Log
* Character Creation
* Etc. etc.

What is the current situation?

Currently, Intersect is still in development but well on its way to a first release. Which is why we started spreading the word. The time has come to expand our community and find some game developers. But not only developers, we are looking for game enthusiasts, programmers, graphic designers, composers or just people who like to have a chat. Intersect is a free engine with great features, but the real treasure lies in the community attached to it. A place to discuss game development with fellow enthusiasts or a place to promote your brand new game or offer your services to struggling people.

If there are any questions, or you want to see more visuals, feel free to ask!

Please see http://ascensiongamedev.com/index.php for all the features and visuals! Or visit https://www.reddit.com/r/Intersect/ for all the Dev Blogs!


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