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Modulus : Phase One (Demo available)

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Combat Sandbox Demo






This video is a tad out of date but does show the basic usage of the ship editor.







When I started this project I imagined a world where I could build my own armada of ships from the ground up, not just by choosing what ships would be in my fleets but by building each and every ship from the ground up, hull piece by hull piece, weapons by weapon. hard point by hard point.
So I created a modular ship section concept and an easy to use ship editor with which I can create my own ships, in the shape that I like, with the radars that I want, with the attack systems and defence systems that I want!!!
With a large variety of ship parts,  weapons, engines, defense platforms and other modular components to suit most any personal taste I can basically build any ship I want and mirror the ships from my favorite sci-fi space series such as "Star Wars" "Star Trek" Babylon 5" "Battlestar Galactica" "Space Battleship Yamato" and others.
Enough talk. here are some pretty pictures


Hit by heavy mass drivers, ship is ripped in half, destroying it



VLS interceptor missile launches!center]There is more to see


YouTube channel:


Engine Features:
Aegis like Combat system making for very efficient target designation
Modular destruction system. As you build your ships with modules... they can crumble in the same way, a ship can be cut in half, if you're lucky it can still run around in battle and possibly be as efficient as a chicken with it's head cut off... nonetheless if it survives the battle it's a good day!!
Easy Command  and control system which was a challenge with the limitations of android touch devices
AIs can react differently depending on the Mode they are in and their weapons capabilities
Aggressive, defensive, passive, escort modes selection
The weapons, there are a ton, hard shells turrets, lasers, missile launchers, plasma beams, defense hardpoint, mines, nuclear devices, beams that can cut a ship in half.... all that to make an amazing fireworks display!!
Editor Features:
Modular Building of Ships
Wide selection of hull pieces
Wide selection of attack weapons to choose from
Wide selection of defence systems
Wide selection of radars
Wide selection of lasers
Selection of engine
The game is currently a sandbox, player vs AIs, but I am adding features to have clans and civilians and various outposts/stations to build and protect. Working on resource management system to limit what you can build in the editor based on the resources you gather and tech you find.
At this point in time the game could go in any direction, but I am getting close to formulate and test a few ideas.
Development Platform:
Game Maker Studio



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