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Unity resources, books, links for cross platform development

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hi all,


first of all, i am a desktop game developer that write games, engines, frameworks/lib in DX or OGL but in desktop, 

as of the moment, i wrote games in 2D for cross platform using HTML5/js and compiled or wrapped using intel xdk or cordova.

For 3D demos, i use unity for quick prototyping...

needless to say, my experience in mobile development is not that huge comparing to Desktop and graphics,

specially writing apps for Apple based devices including OSX. I have tried writing OGL ES in native Android (NDK) but i have no idea how stuff works in iOS or even in OSX, i am planning to buy Mac mini just for experiment.



Is there any books (or groups of books), links, resources, tutorial that i need to study so i can write my own cross platform 3D engine library

that can be use or compiled to iOS and android? or between OSX and desktop? 


this is just for study purposes,.. more like, for self advancement as right now im settling for Unity (for cross platform 3D) and my 2D engine i wrote for 2D games. but i stil have my DX based framework for my desktops though.


I just want to experiment stuff.. you know, geeks will be geeks :)

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You implement everything twice. Cross platform libraries are libraries developed for multiple systems where the maintainers implement the interfaces on each system and ensue they operate consistently between the two.

If you are to write a cross platform library you need to first have the skills to implement the library on each of those platforms.

You might start by downloading one of the many existing cross platform libraries, such as cocos2d-x, and see how they did things.

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