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David Eisman

Putting together a team

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I need an excellent writer for a script for a walking simulator game. This game will be about bipolar disorder and how it affects one's life. This script needs to be very powerful and will act as a prototype for this game.

Writer must have the following requirements:

Details about the game:

  • It will be in the style of the Stanley Parable, Gone Home, and Firewatch.
  • It will most likely be built using the Unity Engine.
  • It will be in first-person.
  • It will have voice acting and dialogue.

Basic Scene of the game:

It will take place transitioning between a manic and depressed state. What does that mean? Basically, the atmosphere will change according to the emotional state that the character is in. When the character is manic, the game will become more erratic and fast-moving. On the other hand, while the character is in a depressed state, the game will look more lethargic and the slow-moving.


If you are interested, either respond directly or email me at deisman@browning.edu

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Hello de1234, I can help you with the script for the game, and can help with graphics too. I would like to be part of this game, but do you have basic coding knowledge? Otherwise I would recommend to have a programmer with basic knowledge first. If you want my help please send me a message, but I will only help as long as I see something in concrete first.

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