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[java] Java Applets

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I know this isnt java game development related but i am learnin java and the point im @ now is java applets now the book im reading uses javax.swing now does IE use javax.swing componets cos @ the minute all im seeing is grey box where the applet should be if not how do i enable IE to c the applet?? Ta zeroshot

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Well Swing is jvm1.2 onwards I think....

And IE only goes up to jvm1.1

So you either have to use AWT or install a java plug in 1.2 or above.... or forget about IE and use opera ( www.opera.com' ) which can be downloaded with the jvm1.3.1


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Guest Anonymous Poster
Swing applets are a pain but they are possible the simplist way to do it is to use a plugin for ie (mentioned by Chaoslab), this comes as standard with netscape 6 so no hassle for netscape.

you also have to change the html.
in your jdk there is a bat file called HTMLconverter.bat

then run your page containing the applet through the html converter that comes with it.(HTMLconverter.bat)
it will basically convert it to use swing components.

the plug in is found at http://java.sun.com/products/plugin/1.3/plugin-install.html but the html converter places tags to detect and download it if you havent got it.

Now when you open your page it should load up the applet and work. There are serveral work arounds to using the plug in if you dont want to. (eg including your swing files in the applet archive).

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