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SampleGrad on TextureCubeArray

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Hi all,


I'm currently implementing a light probe system. I'm passing the captured data of my 8 closest (specular) light probes to the shader as a TextureCubeArray. I'm using a workflow similar to clustered lighting to determine the list of which probes are needed.


Because I have a list, with a variable number of applicable probes per pixel, I need to use SampleGrad in my evaluation loop as the shader otherwise tries to enforce an unroll.


This is the call to my local specular probes (shader model 5 SampleGrad) :

float3 EnvColor = Loc_Spec.SampleGrad(LinearSampler, float4(dir, lightProbeIndex), SampleGrad_Probe_DDX, SampleGrad_Probe_DDY, LOD).rgb;

My problem: It always samples the first cube in the array. I can pass whatever for 'lightProbeIndex', it does not make a difference.

Capturing the executable however, shows that Loc_Spec is a correctly build array of 8 cubes, each with 6 correctly ordered faces, as expected.


Has anyone encountered a similar problem with SampleGrad before?




PS: Captured Texture/Sampler characteristics below for added info.




Type:              Cube Array

Width/Height:  128

Depth:            1

Array Size:     48

Format:          R11G11B10_FLOAT




Addressing:    UVW: CLAMP

Filter:             ANISOTROPIC 16x

LOD Clamp:   0-FLT_MAX

Mip Bias:       0


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What is your lightProbeIndex ranging from/to? I think it needs to be in whole steps, like 1.0 for second cube in array, 2.0 for third etc. :)

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Do you believe this issue is specific to SampleGrad or do Sample / SampleLevel exhibit the same behaviour?

Have you tried the WARP driver to rule out a driver bug?

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There was a lack of a decent SRV description for the TextureCubeArray type. That slipped past since I had no hand in that part and the capture gave correct results. Thx for the hint :)

Edited by Kevin Van Nerum

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