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Eco Tales: RPG and Item Shop Manager

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Hi there

I would like to present to you KJ Interactive's latest project Eco Tales: My Days as an Item Shop Owner.

Eco Tales: My Days as an Item Shop Owner is the story about you, a struggling merchant with big dreams and small means.
You and your pet hippo Ambrosa have just arrived in the trading city of Ecbatana, with nothing but a thin purse and the dream of a grand emporium. The first thing you need to do is to get a small patch for you to set up your shop, but land sure isn’t cheap and time is ticking, Mr Plešec, the landlord, will not stand idly by if the rent isn’t paid on time.
You will need to stock up on wares, buy cheap, sell high! There might even be a way to get some merchandise for free. But no, you are not a fighter, though maybe...
If you could befriend an adventurer to travel with, the dangerous wilds of Eco contain many hidden treasures and highly sought after loot, some of which will surely bring a hefty price in the Ecbatanian bazaar.


Sounds interesting? I sure do hope so.


Key features:

  • Design your own shop.
  • Manage the shop's inventory.
  • Care for your customers and build up your relationship with people of the city.
  • Hire several adventurers to fight dangerous monsters, then sell the loot in your shop.
  • Explore lush forests, deep caves and traverse the brooding graveyard as you work your way toward the haunted catacombs.

There are several ways for you to keep updated or to learn more about our project, just follow some of the links below.



Dev Blog






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Recap 9 is out, read hit here.

The biggest news is we are out on IndieDB after two months of working.
We have talked a lot ab settings and added a nice little pet Hippo for the player.
Some new general graphical assets and on the code size just some invisible system work, so kind of a slow week but it all leads up to something awesome.



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Now recap 10 is out with more progress.

We are still on IndieDB and Facebook so you can join us there.

A lot has happened this week and to get the full gist of it you should read the entire post here.

If you remember our super cute hippo from recap 9 our graphics person have made a lot of progress.

He has also been working on some particle effects creating this awesome fire

and for my own part, the programmer I've work on the camera, movement and attacks so we can move around, pick up a mighty bastard sword and swing it around.
besides that I had a small game jam for my students (I'm a game dev teacher as well) and also managed to visit theSwedish Game Awards which was awesome, plenty of great projects to see and speeches to listen to.

All in all we are getting more and more to show off, small steps but still steps in the right direction, and we are always looking for feedback if you manage to find some?

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We have updated the name of the project hopefully giving it some more umph, Eco Tales: My Item Shop.
Our graphics artist have also been looking into some nice shaders and given our pet hippo some gear.
For me, the programmer I have been working on the web page that is not yet ready, waiting for graphics and some texts, I've also been improving on all the work I've done so far as well as started creating the attack and damage systems.
In this video below you will be able to see some amazing programmer art and what we have so far code wise in the game
Edited by Krister

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Welcome to recap 13, starting today, I Lech Plešec will be taking care of the introductory parts of these posts.

In short, I’m mad, not because Krister made a fool out of Jona on 9gag, no I more than approve of that sort of behavior.

I’m mad because a lot of you readers don’t follow my page of Facebook! Get to it, and see me smile next week, well, maybe… I make no promises.

In this weeks recap we have hade some great fun; we have started working more on the AI, learning the system and defining what we need in terms of it.

The biggest news however is that we have our first official pre-pre alpha screenshot, but you have to read the recap to see that beauty.

Just go here!

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Well well well, recap 14 is a week full of revenge, drama and tears.
Actually that is this week but you will get subtle clues about what is currently putting me in a miserable state.

Anyways, what you will take home from this recap has might have value to you besides getting a laugh at my expense, you might just learn 3ds max 2017 new UV tools, maybe...

Read it here.
Working on RPG & Shop manag

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Today we released recap 16 where we have lots to show on the graphical side with cloth but as this continues being a tough time for teachers the programming work shows less progress.

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