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GLSL editor for Mac

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Hey guys.


I'm mainly a mobile software developer, and have been working "on the side" getting up-to-date on game development technology. However, I was struck by the lack of any native shader program editors for the Mac, specifically when I was getting into Apple's SpriteKit. What I lacked was:


  • Live preview
  • Supporting adding and removing uniforms to the shading context


So, I sat down, and developed a Mac application I've called Fragmentlab, which is specifically a GLSL fragment shader editor. It's built using SpriteKit and thus has a focus on 2D GPU fragment shading, but I am working on a full 3D version, which allows mesh imports and the definition of lights and other things.


The main features are

  • GLSL syntax highlighting (including variables you've defined, so not "dumb" keyword highlighting)
  • Live preview of your shader program

The app currently looks like this:

[attachment=31298:Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 17.48.04.png]


—and the uniform editor (which currently supports floats and vectors) like this:

[attachment=31299:Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 17.48.48.png]


So, what I am trying to gauge is, would an app like this be of interest to you guys? Both the 2D and 3D edition. I am working on adding integration preset packs; for instance, SpriteKit adds several non-standard variables (v_tex_coord instead of gl_FragCoord for instance), whereas other 3D engines add others. The editor will be able to translate to its own internal representation (for instance, mapping one engine's texture coordinates to the internally used one). 


The app will be free, so I really want to determine if there's any interest before I splurge on a Mac developer subscription for myself ;-) 


Also, feature suggestions are very welcome! :-)

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