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Help finding a game designer

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We are just over our head and need help.  


My business partner and I started this mobile game development company 2 years ago and have done quite well on some levels: we have over 50+ games on Google Play that are all in the same genre/style (single player FPS) and we are getting lots of downloads (2,041,000 per month average).  We have built a good development team and production team. We have successfully started multiple businesses. This is all good but the bad part is that we are not game people, we have so much to do to improve the monetization of the games (currently monetizing with ads). We do not have the experience or expertise to be game designers...


We want to funnel all our single player games through a RPG/leveling-up system into a multi-player fps game for increased retention and monetization.


So where do we go from here... we have 2 choices sell the business or find expertise and we think we need to have a good game designer to lead the dev team.


Any thought?  How do you find a good game designer?

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Game designers don't lead development teams. Did your development team tell you that's what game designers do? 

Also, you wrongly posted this in the Job Advice board. You don't need advice about how to get a job.

This is most likely a managerial question or maybe a business question. Moving the discussion accordingly. 


I'm not sure you need a game designer. For sure you need a monetization manager. Maybe you need both. You ought to be able to afford both, given the success of the business that you described. You should place paid job ads on Gamasutra and Creative Heads, maybe more paid job sites too. And you should start networking, going to game conferences and trade shows.


Edit: advertise for a monetization designer, too.

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