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Help with importing images and artificial gravity

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hello there m8, i am working on a little project here, i dont really know what i am trying to make, but i just figured i wanted to make something, i am actually pretty new to programming, but i understand quite a lot about how stuff works, for a guys that started a month ago ^^. well i figured instead of controlling a cube, i wanted to controll a guy. i put something together in MS paint xD very quickly. but how do i import it xD, well, to keep things organized, i use many different classes, so i'll use pastebin to post the codes here,


here is the main code for the program, where i make the canvas and put everything back together



here is the player code, i tried look the image thing up on the internett, and i tried what u will find in the render method, dident work



here is the main menu code, it starts the Game 



here is the Inut handler, for all the key and stuff



i also want to make somekind of artificial gravity, help ? ^^

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